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Claim (Satoshi)Bitcoins Now!.

Complete Captchas and plays games to earn Bitcoins .

  Accumulate Bitcoins

Accumulate Bitcoins and increase your flow of Bitcoins.

  Withdraw Bitcoins

Withdraw your accumulated Bitcoins, and receive an instant pay out.

  Safer and easier

Maintain a proper account, check your withdrawal history and claim your Bitcoins more easily.

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Bitcoin Faucet

Earn some coins by doing literally nothing - just completing a single captcha. Go ahead, just take your coins from our pool!
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Earn Bitcoins

Satoshi Snakes

Are you bored? Perhaps, you should play our Satoshi Snakes and earn some coins while doing so. It's fun and a time-killer!

Collect Blocks

Fortune Hunter

Do you have what it takes to find a treasure? Dig deep, put your luck to test and find the treasure. Worth a play, right?

Dig & Find Fortune

Roll Dice

Looking for some free money? It's simple, just roll the dice and earn anything between 0.00000114 BTC and 0.00000914 BTC.

Roll Dice

Hi-Lo Dice

Wondering how to increase your Bitcoins? We got a fix. Bet your money, and roll the dice, and watch your money grow (or shrink).

Roll Dice


Testing your luck? Try to hit big at our lottery! Remember, winners are chosen randomly. Try your luck, and win big without any risk!

Dive in

Recent Dice Rolls

User Win Amount Raffle Tickets
Leon100.00000114 BTC2
sezer510.00000114 BTC2
aswt410.00000114 BTC2
polyana0.00000114 BTC2
vyckal0.00000114 BTC2
farukync0.00000114 BTC2

Recent Hi-Lo Rolls

User Stake Amount Multiplier Win Amount Result
skelll0.00000100 BTC1.010.00000100 BTCWin
skelll0.00000100 BTC1.010.00000100 BTCWin
skelll0.00000100 BTC1.010.00000100 BTCWin
skelll0.00000100 BTC1.010.00000100 BTCWin
kaban0.00000800 BTC1.010.00000807 BTCWin
kaban0.00000800 BTC1.010.00000807 BTCWin

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